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August 5th

Prepare for the next get together…

posted by JRivelliChevy , August 5 at 2:20pm  

The moment has come…. 1400 miles and a month later… and tonight I must say goodbye to the Chevy Camaro I’ve come to love. Liz and I will be returning our cars to Stingray Chevrolet tonight at our Working Women of South Beach to enjoy a final night at our Miami Beach hotel. I’ve had some great memories in the car.

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August 5th

Female Purchase Power

posted by LGoldChevy , August 5 at 10:56am  

Its a sad, sad, sad day here in Tampa Bay! I’m turning in the Camaro tonight at Stingray in Plant City. I’ve had a BLAST in this car and even talking to Jessica she too said she is going to miss it. I did call my insurance company and got a quote on what the difference would be vs my Camry and it was …continue reading »

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August 4th

Don’t be Green with Envy, Head to Massage Envy

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 4 at 4:31pm  

So, I’m not usually a ‘massage’ person. Maybe it’s the idea of strangers touching me … not sure. That’s why when the nice folks over at Massage Envy in SODO (South of Downtown) asked me what I’d be looking for in a massage therapist, I answered “not creepy.”
Someone should’ve mentioned they’d be sharing that answer with the massage therapist.
Anyway, I tried to …continue reading »

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August 3rd

Get the D/L on the DIC in 45 Seconds!

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 3 at 5:08pm  
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August 3rd

Join us at a Tampa Bay Test Drive Party!!!

posted by LGoldChevy , August 3 at 10:53am  

If you haven’t been convinced by now that test driving ANY new Chevy is a good deal then Tampa Bay has some special events cooked up for you! Not only do you have until August 15 to do your test drive to get a free massage from Massage Envy but now you have a chance to get some great goodie bags, win prizes, eat …continue reading »

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August 3rd

Stressed? Get a Massage!

posted by Bess Auer , August 3 at 9:08am  

My whole life seems like one big stress ball until I meet someone like Katy Widrick. She’s Executive Producer for the Growing Bolder Radio and TV Show, starring Orlando favorites Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer.
In case you don’t recall, Marc and Bill are legendary names from the WESH Channel 2 news scene. They still bring us news, but now its of a more uplifting, …continue reading »

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August 2nd

Fast Car

posted by JRivelliChevy , August 2 at 11:22pm  

Over the weekend I was cruising around town in the Camaro and the song, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman came on the XM Satellite radio. It’s one of my favorite songs, so of course I cranked it up as a drove along I-275 headed to St. Pete Beach.
I started thinking during the song…. the Camaro truly is a Fast Car! The V6 has 312 …continue reading »

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August 2nd

The Need for Speed

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 2 at 3:41pm  

Admittedly, I’m not a NASCAR fan … which is probably pretty hard to believe since I was born in N.C. (NASCAR Country a.k.a. North Carolina), but I was pretty damn excited when I found out one of our missions* included a trip to the Daytona International Speedway’s Daytona 500 Experience. It just seemed like an opportunity to explore another part of Central Florida …continue reading »

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August 2nd

Guys never ask directions!

posted by Bess Auer , August 2 at 9:25am  

So, we were excited to be cruising in the Chevy Camaro to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game…after all, Matt Garza had just pitched the franchise’s first NO HITTER! So, we loaded up and hit Interstate 4 seeing all sorts of cool things along the way:

The new Amway Center (almost complete)
Fantasy of Flight
The Florida State Fair Grounds
Dinosaur World
Cigar factories
Tampa Bay

But, after we were well …continue reading »

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July 30th

Dancing Camaro… now a duet!

posted by Bess Auer , July 30 at 10:09pm  

For those of you who saw the secretly recorded video of the Dancing Malibu, well, here’s the highly-anticipated sequel…And this time, the Chevy Camaro is dancing a duet!
Now, I realize the Chevy Camaro is made for going forwards FAST–for my hubby has told me this several times!–but for a short person like me, my rearview eyesight is limited.  So, Chevy installed an ingenious signal …continue reading »

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